Chain Maille Weave Patterns


butterfly European 4-1 Weave - Rings of metal woven together in rows of 3-5 to create a flat ribbon of chain maille.
barrelweave Round Maille Weave - A striking design that creates a barrel of rings around your wrist, ankle, or neck.
doubletwist Double Spiral 6 on 1 Weave - A spiral of metal twisting to beautiful perfection. Rings are locked together as they spiral around each other.
persion Full Persian Weave- Metal rings woven together in an intricate pattern that defines the beauty of chain maille.
pacman Byzantine Weave - A whimsical weave that shows the unique style of the wearer.

  ringfling 8 on 1 Japanese Weave - Interlacing rings of steel and brass form this pattern that hints of mystical places.
  2 on 1 Japanese Weave with Bells- Interlacing rings of steel and brass. Bells adorn each steel ring allowing a delicate sound to be heard.
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